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MetaTrader vs TradeStation


Forex trading may turn into a real challenge, and for minimizing the risks in your operations you will need the best possible software on your side. Currently, there are so many options available for use for the community, including additional elements to download for increasing the number of functions and access to information. We are talking specifically about two multicharts applications that have become the online standard in the market at this current time, MetaTrader, and TradeStation.

Both platforms are oriented especially towards the trade of futures, having functionalities associated with the foreign currency value, the stock, and options market. Before heading straight to the Forex international market, it is recommendable to check beforehand how the market works and understand that you are playing with your own money. Analyze the current market situation in real-time with the data provided, and dare to take the next step looking for successful selling that will increase your benefits with something as straightforward as an online stock operation made at the right time.

A good option for starters
A good option for starters

MetaTrader, the recommendable beginning

We all had a beginning in our lives and our business ventures, and there is always a recommended way to start in any kind of business. MetaTrader counts with a user-friendly workspace once you recognize the indispensable charts and pieces of data you need for your operations. Currently, you will find two version of this software, MetaTrader 4 , edition in which most previous traders use at this time, and MetaTrader 5 , a version focused on its easy-to-use mechanism improving its performance.

MetaTrader includes a great diversity of functions in the application by default and a great number of indicators

MetaTrader includes a wide diversity of functions by default in the application, including Fibonacci and Gann tools and a great number of indicators brought by MetaQuotes completely for free to make your start easier. These options are especially good for those traders that are trying to get the enough knowledge for the moment within a comprehensive workspace.

Having in mind the language code used in MetaTrader, MQL, was very intuitive in its 4th version, the change to the later MetaTrader 5 update has ended in a completely different result. MQL5 was not fully compatible with the previous edition, so those users that wanted to use their and indicators needed to port the element to the new language.

Fantastic software for professional traders
Fantastic software for professional traders

TradeStation, the pro option

The recurrent award-winning TradeStation application has proved its efficiency throughout the years, establishing itself as one of the most recommended Foreign Currency Exchange programs on the market. On the contrary to the aforementioned program, this TradeStation software has been designed for professionals, judging by its total price and the Account Service Fee cost.

Although it is aimed for advanced users, the work programming process is very simple, allowing you to set your strategies in no time thanks to EasyLanguage

An excellent feature of the program is the professional technical support for its users available in the official product forums. Although it is aimed for advanced users, the work programming process is very simple, allowing you to set your strategies in no time thanks to EasyLanguage. The additional built-in accessories and those available to download from third-party collaborators increases the number of for the program, but the best elements don’t come for free.

Aside from the analysis tools provided in the application, the educational resources included in TradeStation University are superior to the contents of other workspaces. The free access to e-books, tutorials, videos and articles will help all kinds of users with advice and analysis of the current market status and how you can use it for succeeding in your investments.


To be involved in the electronic Forex investment, it is required to use the software that suits your workflow better in order to optimize your time and automate your transaction process. Each one of these applications offers customizable flexibility capabilities, mostly depending on your usage of indicator elements and the broker providers. If you are a newcomer to the online stock trading market MetaTader will suit you better, but if you are looking for an expert tool, TradeStation should be your choice to download.